Just when You Are Too Much was getting the buzz for a unique story, Jang Hee Jin (Scholar Who Walks the Night) stepped in on short notice to replace leading lady Gu Hye Sun (Angel EyesBoys Over Flowers) due to a medical emergency. How is Jang Hee Jin doing so far? Has the drama been affected in ratings?

<SPOILERS Alert> I've watched through episode 14 so far.

Jang Hee Jin started from episode 7. I'd have to admit that, at first, I was instinctively looking for Gu Hye Sun in some scenes when Jang Hee Jin was right there. Gu Hye Sun has a uniquely vibrant personality that attracted many fans to watch this drama just for her. Jang Hee Jin's presence seems to be quieter by comparison. Now, I have accepted Jang Hee Jin as Hae Dang. It's not that I've forgotten Gu Hye Sun; it's because Jang Hee Jin is truly Hae Dang now.

In episode 12, Hae Dang performs as the imitation singer, Yoo Jiu Na, at the nightclub. (Watch on DramaFever for the fully subbed version.) In the same scene, Kyung Soo (Kang Tae Oh) has decided to see Hae Dang's performance.

As a result of the actress change, one positive outcome is for the excellent ensemble cast to shine stronger in a saga revolving around romantic triangles, family relationships, sibling rivalry, mother-in-laws, succession intrigue and more. What makes the drama really stand out is its unique focus on the two central characters, top singer Yoo Ji Na (Uhm Jung Hwa) and her imitation singer Hae Dang (Jang Hee Jin), who become rivals in career and romance. The men in their lives are important influences, but they are the planets that orbit the two competing stars.

Chemistry is a term that is used a lot about actors who exude a high level of natural attraction beyond their characters. I don't know if it's just my personal perception, or the way the story was always intended, but I'm sensing stronger chemistry between Hae Dang (Jang Hee Jin) and Hyun Joon (Jung Gyu Woon), even though Hae Dang loves the adorable Kyung Soo (Kang Tae Oh). 

Currently the triangle appears to be setting up for a competition between the chaebol son with a rebellious streak falling in love with a girl from a poor family, and the kind and affectionate pianist/cafe owner who is scarred by the mother who abandoned him to pursue her career.

Had Gu Hye Sun stayed on, would I have perceived the same chemistry from these three characters in the romantic triangle? It is certainly an interesting thought. Let's assume I'm right about the chemistry shift because of a new actress, will the scriptwriter adapt the plot to embrace the change? Right now I know I'm really torn in deciding what the ultimate "happy ending" should be — Will Hae Dang be with Hyun Joon or Kyung Soo?

It's still early in the 50-episode saga, so the story has many possible directions. Hae Dang is a great heroine, so whoever loves and supports her fully will get my final vote. 

You Are Too Much continues to hold a respectable double-digit rating in South Korea. It initially dipped a little but seems to be regaining viewership at DramaFever. 


You Are Too Much

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