It's halftime at the intensely emotional family drama You Are Too Much, where there is no shortage of romantic triangles, sibling rivalry, birth secrets, and greedy schemers. Let's take a sip of a cool summer drink and review what's been happening at perhaps the most dysfunctional wealthy family on TV.

<Spoilers Alert> There are spoilers here if you haven't watched the drama. (I have watched up to episode 28.)


You Are Too Much

Starring Uhm Jung Hwa and Gu Hye Sun

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Park Sung Hwan (Jung Kwang Ryul), the patriarch of the wealthy family, has been wavering between wanting the diva singer Yoo Ji Na (Uhm Jung Hwa) but not sure about marrying her. After some contentious squabbles, they are married. Yoo Ji Na is very happy that she's finally risen in the world as a chaebol's wife. He seems happy too. But that doesn't make a happy ending yet — we are embarking on a new tumultuous beginning.

It turns out that his mother (Jung Hye Sun) can't wait to compete for the title of the "Meanest Asian Mother-In-Law" ever. Her son's first wife suffered greatly at her cruel treatment. Now, she has become Yoo Ji Na's mother-in-law. She despises Yoo Ji Na so much that she actually went to a temple to repent for how terribly she treated her son's first wife, and pledges to treat the second wife worse.

Yoo Ji Na isn't sitting still either. She has more trouble to make and more people to hurt. 

Lee Kyung Soo (Kang Tae Oh of 5urprise) is Yoo Ji Na's son. He was blinded in childhood and abandoned by the singer who wanted to be free to pursue her career. He has regained his eyesight now after surgery, but for a while he pretended to be a blind pianist to teach Yoo Ji Na because he wanted to see if his mother missed him. No, she didn't appear to.

However, when Yoo Ji Na realized who Kyung Soo really was and that he wanted to marry our heroine Hae Dang (Jang Hee Jin), she threw all sorts of tantrums to separate the couple. Ultimately, her action resulted in a most tragic death among Hae Dang's family, making the young couple's marriage impossible to happen. (Dear viewers, it's not up to what we think but what the Script Goddess decides.)

In the aftermath, Kyung Soo actually agrees to live with Yoo Ji Na and become her new husband's son. Her secret plan is that he will share in the chaebol's inheritance. Of course, that leads to resentment by the chaebol's biological sons: Hyun Joon and Hyun Sung, not to mention the grandmother's ire.

Kyung Soo has a secret of his own: He was helped by Chairman Park's first wife but has not followed through with her request to give her last letter to her son, Hyun Joon (Jung Gyu Woon), the chairman's eldest son.

Hae Dang, in the meantime, is finally standing up to the abusive Yoo Ji Na. She asks Hyun Joon if she could become "his woman" as part of her plan to revenge. Hyun Joon, who has loved Hae Dang but stepped back to become her friend when he realized she was committed to Kyung Soo, agrees and asks her to marry him. He tells her he is willing to wait for her to love him. (I really like this pairing now.)

But first, Hyun Joon has to tell his fiancee (Son Tae Young) to call off their wedding. Before you judge him harshly, he has never been happy with the arranged marriage. He called off their wedding once before, but she attempted suicide. What will she do this time?

Will Hae Dang and Hyun Joon marry?

Will grandmother wield her evil mother-in-law wand again?

Will Hyun Joon find out if his father killer his mother?

Meanwhile, dinnertime at the wealth family's dining room couldn't be more heated. 

There are more surprises to come in one of the most dysfunctional households on TV. Fortunately, now that the family feud has passed its midpoint in the series, we're heading toward conclusions soon.

One thing's for sure: Money can't buy true love.

Despite how "crazy" some viewers have described this drama, the series is getting popular ratings in South Korea, and I'm still hooked by the tortuous plot as I root for Hae Dang, our heroine.

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