Park Shin Hye has been slaying it in her role as Yoo Hye Jung in Doctor Crush. Not only is she putting her acting chops to the test, but her classy yet simple looks has also been sparking off major fashion trends. Take for instance, the delicate gold jewelry she has been wearing throughout the show. Turns out you can do more than just ogle at it through your can actually buy it!

Designed by jewelry brand, Agatha Paris, the pieces are available both online as well as at the stores. As it turns out, Park Shin Hye has been modeling for the brand since 2014, and we guess she loves their work so much that she decided to wear the delicate baubles on-screen. With her show gaining massive amounts of popularity, fans have been flocking the store to stock up on their Park Shin Hye-inspired accessories. So if you fancy yourself this pretty necklace...

....or these adorable earrings and watch....

....then you had better rush to the store before they sell out!


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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