Personally, if I had a Double Whopper with cheese, fries and a Coke, I would feel as though I DID eat all I wanted, but in Burger Kings all across Japan (there are actually not that many), you can literally eat all you want.

From June 20th until the 26th, Burger Kings in Japan will have an "Eat All You Want" campaign. They did the exact same thing four years ago, and hungry Burger King fans went crazy, thinking it would never happen again. Well, this year is Burger King's 60th anniversary, and Burger King Japan decided to celebrate by bringing back the feeding frenzy.

To be able to stuff yourself with burgers until you can't walk you have to bring your receipt and show them your empty paper bag, wrapper and cup. You are then given the green light!

But unfortunately (and fortunately for your well-being), the green light turns red in thirty minutes. So it's not really "Eat All You Want." It's "Eat All You Want for Thirty Minutes." And also, you can only get a free Whopper, medium fries and a medium drink. And you can only eat in. And if you're caught sharing, or taking anything home, or leaving any leftovers, Burger King will make you pay the entire amount of what you got. And if you...

Hey, I thought this was supposed to be fun!

Nice lookin' Burger King: