Aww, that's too bad. You can no longer quench your thirst with vampire blood drinks in China. These drinks are actually fruit punch packaged to look like medical blood bags, and they have been so popular that the Chinese food safety authority took notice and issued a ban.

The red fruit punch, creatively packaged in a bag to mimic a real medical blood bag, has been sold by vendors and online stores. Consumers have found it a fascinating experience to sip the drink as if they were in a scene out of popular vampire-theme shows such as Twilight and Vampire Diaries. Many of the packages even list the products by 'A, B, AB, O, Other' for blood types.

On July 14, China's Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) put a stop to this popular trend. It issued a ban on the sale of all “vampire drink-like products,” citing food safety concerns because these products lack proper manufacturing information and permits. It also said that this type of drinks is a negative influence on teenagers and is a violation of ethical standards for society. Anyone caught in the sale of such a product will be arrested and prosecuted.

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Will the ban work? Those of us who read about the era of prohibition in the U.S. know that consumption of alcohol did not stop and prohibition was eventually repealed. Will this ban in China work, or will prices for the beverage actually go up on the black market? Before the ban, a 100-milliliter 'blood bag' was selling for 25 yuan, while the same fruit punch without the blood-bag packaging was selling for 15 yuan, according to local reports.