IKEA Singapore has launched an adopt-a-pet program to great success. The idea is simply ingenious. Photos are taken of shelter dogs, made into life-size cutouts, and placed next to furniture settings. It makes shoppers aware of these dogs and they can visualize how these pets would look in a home setting.

The pet adoption program is called 'Home for Hope' and IKEA implemented it in conjunction with Animal Lovers League and Save Our Street Dogs in Singapore.

If you have ever been to IKEA, you know that as you walk around, you see furniture arranged for different settings such a kitchen for an apartment, a bedroom for a college dorm, and different sized living rooms. Life-size cutouts of shelter dogs who are currently available are placed in these settings to show how they fit in those specific arrangements. The cutouts are made from photographs taken of the dogs.

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The program at IKEA Singapore is so successful that the IKEA in Tempe, Arizona has started its own to help dogs be adopted from the Arizona Humane Society. According to news reports, so far six pets have been adopted and more cutouts are being made. Becky Blaine, IKEA public relations and marketing director, probably said it best:

'We know a home is not complete until you have a pet in it as well.'