Have you ever really wanted to take your dog out for a nice bowl of pasta at Olive Garden? Well, while we can’t exactly change health regulations, you can now have the next best thing because the elements have given us the world’s first noodles for dogs.

Made of Sanuki udon, the wonderful pasta has been designed to be dog-safe. The packaging specifically states, “inu senyou,” meaning “especially of dogs,” which perhaps implies they may be a fine delicacy for people too? Therefore, you should definitely find some way to get them. After all, you're probably tired of feeding your dog like this:

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Manufacturer Seinmaya has stated the noodles are low in calories and salt, making it easy for canines to digest the beautiful things. The noodles can be yours for a simple price of 324 yen (just under $3 USD), but make sure you find someone for your dog to eat with. Because, as we all know, dog noodles are romance food.

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