Here's another item for the super collector: an 18cm tall, pure gold Ultra Seven, limited to only one in the world and selling for a whopping 10 million, eight hundred thousand yen, or about 110,000 dollars.

Giving off a vibe like that of a golden statue of a deity in a Buddhist temple, this Ultra Seven poses in his signature Wlde Shot, arms crossed in an L shape before he emits the super beams of energy from his arms to finish off a monster. Kanegon, pictured above, is an Ultra Monster who gets energy from eating coins, so a pure gold statue of him will most undoubtedly bring you good luck in your fortune. He's cute at only 2 meters tall in the TV show (nothing compared to Ultra Seven who stands at 40 meters). But as a statue, he's only a bit shorter than Ultra Seven, and there are eighteen of him in stock.

And Kanegon only costs one million and eighty thousand yen. That's just 1,100,000 dollars. For only about 3,000 dollars, you can get yourself a 2.5 inch golden statue of both hero and monster. There are an unlimited number of these, so no need to worry about them being sold out.

So light some incense, ring the little bell, put your hands together, and bow in front of the miniature golden Ultra Seven and Kagenon, your Ultra deities. They will be sure to protect you. Or just stand there and do nothing!