It's true! Ok, wait, let me explain. You can't buy a new iPad with a single sheep in China, that's not enough. However, give 29-year-old Chinese electronics dealer Huang Jie two sheep and you've got yourself a deal! Huang Jie came up with the concept of trading electronics for sheep as a way to encourage people from local rural areas to buy his products. Not only is he accepting sheep, but he's making sure the locals get their sheep's worth by selling them in a bigger city. Supposedly no one has paid in sheep as of yet, but Huang Jie is confident his new form of currency will become a big hit. So if you have a sheep or two hanging around your yard, calculate how much they're worth with the chart below and ship them off to Huang Jie! Or, maybe find an ATM that dispenses sheep.


Happy trading! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE