Started in 1985, UFO Catcher is a staple at most game arcades (called game centers) in Japan. Basically the Japanese version of the crane game, UFO Catcher allows players to win cuddly dolls, toys, collectibles, snacks and even cash stacked inside the machine by controlling a little crane. One of the best parts now, though? You can play to win a lobster!

Game centers in Japan are famous for having the newest and wackiest games. Even during a weekday, many game centers are packed with gamers, sitting across from each other competing in the newest soccer, fighting or role playing games. The noise levels are deafening, as there are virtual shooting games, dancing games and even fishing games.

UFO Catcher has been around for almost thirty years, and it too is becoming virtual. Literally. You can now play for a chance to take home a lobster. It's 500 yen ($5) for one shot, 600 yen for five. Whether the game center gives you a plastic bag or bowl for taking the critter home is anybody's guess.