Subhreet Kaur Ghumman is 27 years old and has become famous as the 'One Legged Dancer' after she appeared on India's Got Talent. Yes, she has only one leg and she dances beautifully. However, it has been a long and painful journey from 2009 when Subhreet suffered an accident that would change the former nurse's life. Watch the video and you'll be amazed at how far she has come from the devastating decision to have her leg amputated.

On October 21, 2009, Subhreet was riding on the back of her friend's moped and the bike skidded around a sharp corner. Both she and her friend were thrown off the bike. Subhreet was rushed to the hospital with a fractured left knee, but she was left untreated for two weeks. She finally got a surgery 15 days after the accident, but the operation failed. Eventually Subhreet endured such terrible infection in her leg that she, herself, was begging her mother to cut off her leg. Subhreet was devastated, but she knew the amputation was necessary if she wanted to survive. Her mother visited from hospital to hospital to beg for a doctor to help. Finally, a doctor agreed to amputate Subhreet's leg. It was a year after the road accident.

Most people would cry after losing a leg, but Subhreet actually felt happy. She recalled that tears filled her eyes because 'that feeling of not having a lifeless leg was amazing.' It would take a total of 7 operations before Subhreet could learn to walk again.

Although she was a very shy girl before her accident, Subhreet was now feeling positive about the future. She read about disabled achievers and was inspired to achieve her own dreams. She had always loved dancing but gave it up to study hard to be a nurse. Now, she was determined to dance on national TV on India's Got Talent.

She said: 'My friends started ignoring me, people showed sympathy but it was pity. I didn't want pity. I decided not to fall into darkness but show the world that I was a strong person and continue my passion for dance. My mother was shocked but happily agreed to support me.' It took a long time but she eventually found a dance academy where she could learn and improve her dancing. She also embarked on a rigorous exercise routine.

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Her determination paid off. In February this year, Subhreet auditioned on India's Got Talent and her performance wowed the audiences. She even got a standing ovation from the judges. Her dancing is so beautiful that viewers forget that she has only one leg. In the final round, she placed second, but she has become a true winner. She said: ‘My life has changed completely. I have seen the darkest days but now everything seems beautiful. People recognize me when I go out, they ask me for photographs and autographs. It is an amazing feeling.'

Because of her own experience in the difficult search for a dance school, her next dream is to open a dance school for the physically challenged. Subhreet is indeed amazing and an inspiration to us all.