November is a big month for BIGBANG fans — not only does it mark the debut of the band’s latest BIGBANG: MADE Tour exclusively on DramaFever, it’s also the month when BIGBANG’s oldest member and resident hottie, T.O.P, was born. To celebrate the release of this momentous concert experience and the birth of our favorite goofball, we’ve put together a few ideas for you to create your own T.O.P birthday celebration.

1. Get artsy.

T.O.P’s passion for art has likely inspired one or two fangirls and guys to hit their local art museum. If a field trip isn’t in your future, bring fine art to you by decorating snacks in a classic style. Our cupcakes are modeled after T.O.P’s incredible Mondrian suit — worn when he performs “Doom Dada” during the MADE tour. 

2. Try your best imitation.

A quick internet search for “TOP Big Bang Impressions” will get you a ton of amazing videos of T.O.P impersonating his dongsaengs. (See a great T.O.P impression of Seungri at 24:00 in the link above!) I don’t think there’s a single YG family member he can’t imitate, so in honor of his crazy skills — show us your best impression of T.O.P. Whether it’s memorizing one of his raps or trying your hand at one of his unique dance moves — or just nailing his signature catch phrase "You like?" — it'll be a great way to pay tribute to the birthday boy.

3. Make it a costume party.

It’s no secret T.O.P can wear pretty much anything and make it look incredible. From blue hair to studded face masks, T.O.P treats the world like his runway. We decided to pay tribute to a couple of our favorite looks, wearing our versions of his suit from the “Doom Dada” video and his always on-point airport fashion from the beginning of "We Like 2 Party."

4. Get creative on social media.

The K-pop world rejoiced the day this long-time social media hold-out opened an Instagram account. And it didn’t take long before he had millions of followers — waiting for the next time we’d get one of his unique posts. While most of us use our profiles for selfies and cat pictures, T.O.P takes it to a new level. Try finding something unique and beautiful in your everyday life and snap a couple of shots. You never know what you might get. (We recreated a hand collage T.O.P posted not long ago...)

5. Look back at his previous roles.

T.O.P took over the big screen last year in Tazza 2: The Hidden Card. If you can get your hands on a deck of Hwatu cards like those used by T.O.P's card shark character in the film, they make a fun decorative accent. If you're feeling really confident, grab some friends and learn the rules, but it might take some time before you can take on T.O.P.

6. Put on some funky favors.

A ton of the “MADE” tour merchandise featured T.O.P’s “Doom Dada” orange Dali-stache. They’re easy to make out of construction paper, and with a little tape, they can definitely liven up the party.

7. Make a toast. If you follow T.O.P on Instagram, you probably know he has a taste for fine wine. Even if your budget doesn't cover the good stuff, shell out a few bucks for a nice red and share with your friends. Keep it classy with a mustache straw and pretend you're somewhere exciting, touring with the band. 

8. Think of furniture in a new way.

T.O.P’s appreciation for art and design is one of the most fascinating things about him. You’ve likely got a few interesting chairs sitting around your place — why not pull out a sampling and curate your living room? It’ll make the space feel fresh and it would make T.O.P-Oppa proud.

9. Check out the Big Bang: MADE Tour exclusively on Dramafever!
We were lucky enough to sit front row at Big Bang’s Anaheim show in October — and we can tell you, this concert was unforgettable. Be sure to check out this exclusive special on DramaFever starting November 11! Sign up for a new episode alert HERE!

Happy Birthday, TOP! And all you V.I.P's - be sure to check out T.O.P's new web series Secret Message — the first three episodes will be available exclusively on DramaFever this Saturday, November 7! Check out the teaser below: