Young Love Jae In Man of Honor Korean Drama

The results from the latest Name That Drama are in, and you might be surprised by the results. We asked you to choose an English name for Youngkwangeui Jae In. Possible English titles included Man of Honor or Glorious Jae In. Many of you replied and had strong opinions on one title or the other, and some of you submitted your own titles for the series. There were some great ideas so we submitted your entries to the production company, and the title finally chosen was...

Young Love Jae In!

This title gives a sense of the original wordplay in the Korean title, and also gives a sense of the childhood love story that starts off the action. And there's a lot of action--especially in the first episode (which we'll be releasing this Wednesday, Oct 26!). We have to say congratulations to DramaFever fans for once again coming up with an English title that won over the Korean producers. (Remember Heartstrings?) Tune in this week to watching DramaFever's latest simulcast -- Young Love Jae In!