Benjo is probably not going to get a Michelin star anytime soon, but the restaurant itself, or anybody who frequents this place, obviously doesn't give a poop.

Concept restaurants are a recent trend worldwide, and dining experiences have become about more than just the quality of the food, service and atmosphere. Diners, younger ones especially, are flocking to these new entertaining spots more for the atmosphere than the food, as seen by this immensely popular Taiwanese restaurant that finds itself always ... occupied!

Customers come here for the interior, atmosphere, theme, and most of all, for the laughs. The concept of Benjo is "Toilet." Yes, you read that correctly. Benjo actually means toilet, too. The owner of this classy restaurant turned his concept into reality by designing the entire restaurant after everything bathroom, but really mostly just poop. As you can see in the shocking photos, the table is glass over a bathroom sink, the seats are like actual toilets, the curry is served in a toilet bowl, and so is the chocolate softie for dessert. The napkins resemble a roll of toilet paper to wipe the curry off your mouth. It's hilarious and gross at the same time. It's literally all poop!

What is a restaurant inspector for the Taiwanese Health Department supposed to do? How do you evaluate the hygiene of a restaurant like this?

Inspector: There's poop everywhere!
Manager: That's curry.
Inspector: ....

It's obviously the kind of place to get dressed up for, maybe to surprise your sweetheart for a celebration, or for a romantic anniversary date.

But make sure your date or lover has a sense of humor. Otherwise, you're sure to get dumped!

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