If you are one of the one billion Google Chrome users, consider yourself lucky because Parisa Tabriz is officially the "Google Security Princess" who battles against hackers in cyberspace. How did she get this title that's so cool that it reminds us of Xena, Warrior Princess?

Meet Parisa Tabriz, head of security at Google Chrome. Her business card really does say "Security Princess."

Her job is to hack into Google Chrome so that she can uncover the flaws before the real hackers do. To be successful at her work, it's not just about having the technical knowledge and skills, but also being able to think and anticipate what the enemy or the attacker is going to do. "Because you always want to stay one step ahead of them, " said Parisa,  the Security Princess.

How did she get her unique and enchanting title?

She said that she thought her original title of "Information Security Engineer" was a bit boring and not really meaningful, so she came up with a better one for fun. As she recalled, "So I changed it to 'Security Princess' as more of a tongue-in-cheek thing. I've never been exceptionally girly or fit the stereotype of a princess, so it was a bit ironic for me to go by that name — and then it stuck!"

Parisa was born in 1983 to a Polish-American mother, a nurse, and an Iranian-American father, a doctor. She went to the University of Illinois and earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science. Soon after, she joined Google and was one of 50 security engineers. Eight years later, there are over 500 security engineers now at Google. She leads a team of 30-some members who are located in Europe and in the U.S.

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When Parisa is not busy protecting Google Chrome, she has many outside interests, such as baking, photography, and rock climbing.

Although there are many women working in the tech sector, those who work in security are still few in comparison to men. Parisa Tabriz is a great role model for girls and anyone who aspires to work in technology and especially security. 

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