Kit Kat is one of many people's favorite treats. The chocolate-covered wafer biscuit has been around for as long as one remembers. If you are traveling to Japan, the new Kit Kat sandwiches can perhaps help with your homesickness, even though it is created and only available in Japan.

The new concoction is officially called "Kit Kat for Café" and is only available at restaurants, presumably as a dessert that is best enjoyed with a cup of coffee. The Japanese fast-food chain First Kitchen that created the new dessert began selling the new Kit Kat sandwich for 220 yen (US$1.83) It will also sell individual packages of the new Kit Kat for 50 yen each.

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The dessert sandwich actually is composed of only 3 main ingredients: a foldable sandwich roll with 2 Kit Kat bars resting in a white could of whipped cream inside the roll.

The folks at Rocketnews sent out a fearless food investigator-reporter to check out the new sensation, and his reaction is probably not what First Kitchen had expected. As reported by Rocketnews, "After a few bites, Mr. Sato said he started feeling like there was something not quite right with the dessert. He soon realized it was the hard wafers combined with the soft bread that really clashed in his opinion. He likened the taste and texture of the Kit Kat sandwich to a bad date when although you may be two great personalities on your own, you very obviously just don’t mesh well together."

Oh, well. Maybe First Kitchen will improve the product. In the meantime, I'll stick to the regular Kit Kat crisp wafers. However, if I get the chance to travel to Japan, I wouldn't mind trying it at least once. 

How about you?

~ NancyZdramaland