The future is quickly approaching, and in Japan, that means dealing with a number of very pressing issues, such as economic stagnation, a decreasing and aging population, natural disasters, and increasing friction in interpersonal communication. For these reasons, Japanese retailer MUJI, along with 12 leading Japanese architects, came together to come up with designs for future housing in their home country, and the houses are not only practical, but about as cool as any house you've ever seen.

The Japanese have always known how to utilize space, as they've always had to come up with creative ways to make the best out of the little space that they have. So for this year's House Vision Tokyo 2016, the theme is, "Co-Dividual: Split and Connect/Separate and Come Together." This, according to organizers, "addresses the question of how we can bring together and re-connect individuals, urban and rural areas, and fragmented technologies." Some of the futuristic houses have refrigerators on the outside for grocery deliveries, while others are Airbnb types complete with communal spaces on the ground floor. One is a totally hip house for "upscale global nomads." Whatever the case may be, the 12 houses in the event are all super-cool, and some of them are pictured below. For a full showing of the 12 houses, you can visit

I don't know about you, but I would live in any one of these homes, in a heartbeat. But of course, whether or not I can afford to is a whole other story.

Refrigerator is outside, along with a closet, for ease of deliveries and picking up.

Refrigerator can also be used to secure packages.

Local cedar was used for this Airbnb home, complete with a communal space for better interpersonal communication.

View of the interior.

How's this for an Airbnb?

For upscale global nomads to live before they embark on their next journey.

Woodgrain box house that resembles cedar.

Created out of high-tech printing, this house uses textured laminate that can compete with any type of wood.

Open house for those that love open space.

Plumbing and wastewater removal take place above, not below, for better utilization of space.

The heavy glass can slide and rotate 90 degrees, for better access and views of the great outdoors.

Besides living quarters, everything here is shared.

Totally new apartment design, as seen from above.

The Inside-Out/Furniture-Room house. 

Open space with windows that lead to even more spaces.

This room is actually in a window. Beautiful.


Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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