On a recent trip to Japan, G-Dragon showed up at the airport wearing something entirely unexpected: an extremely puffy winter jacket. While he's well known for his often groundbreaking style and unique airport fashion, this sleeping bag-looking outfit even had fans scratching their heads. But, as it turns out, this puffy jacket is none other than a Balenciaga coat, retailing for more than $3,250. Looks like G-Dragon sure knows how to mix style with comfort!

Check out his interesting outfit below!

Even better, G-Dragon also posted a picture of himself on Instagram with the caption "Hiding on my way to Fukuoka."

Hiding on my way to Fukuoka😳💦

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In case you were wondering, this masterpiece of airport fashion is actually a very expensive piece from the Spanish fashion house Balenciaga. Just in case you have taken a liking to the jacket, this Balenciaga Swing Doudoune oversized quilted shell hooded coat will cost you at least $3,250.

What do you think of G-Dragon's airport fashion? Share your thoughts below!


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