Being a hostess is a controversial way for some women in Japan to make an extreme amount of money. Emiri Aizawa, the top hostess in Shinjuku, will attest to that.

She makes about 100,000 dollars a month. Nothing comes easy, even if it doesn't sound that difficult. Being a hostess is hard work, no matter how you look at it. Hostesses in Japan don't refer to women that take reservations at restaurants and show you to your table. In Japan, hostesses are women that work at a bar. Their job is to sit and have drinks with you. The men being entertained pay for their company by the hour. The women have to sit next to the guys, even though they might be grossed out or annoyed by them, and they have to pretend they actually enjoy their company. They laugh at the customers' boring jokes, light their cigarettes and generally pretend to be really interested. In a country where it's almost a ritual for salarymen to entertain themselves at these hostess clubs, there's a lot of opportunity for women to make money. If a customer likes a certain hostess, he can ask for her specifically to sit at his table. That brings the women a bonus. And if he keeps coming back, then more money for the woman. And of course, the more a hostess makes the guy drink alcohol and buy drinks for her, the more money she makes. But there is also a controversial side where hostesses may experience unwanted sexual advances.

So how much can a hostess make? Emiri Aizawa, a veteran hostess who now models in a magazine and has her own line of clothing, makes an incredible 100,000 dollars a month. The most she's ever made was the month of her birthday a few years ago, where she made 300,000 dollars! No doubt she got a lot of expensive gifts from her rich customers. The bar takes a 40% cut, however. That's a lot of laughing at boring jokes, lighting cigarettes and flirting.

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Emiri isn't exactly saving her money. She has 200 Miu Miu handbags.