The end is near. Or at least the times are a-changin'. A popular kaiten (revolving) sushi franchise in Japan just introduced their newest sushi. Say hello to a type of sushi you've definitely never heard of before, the newest member of the sushi family, the caramel banana nigiri.

This is not any kind of joke. April Fool's was two months ago, and this is not some part of campaign ploy. Starting May 29th, Kura Sushi, one of the biggest kaiten sushi franchises in Japan, has put a new item on their menu. It's called the caramel banana sushi, and it's literally a banana over rice with caramel sauce on top. The caramel is Morinaga Milk Caramel, and this sushi is part of a legitimate campaign.

"It may seem at first that a banana and rice don't go together, but it's actually surprisingly tasty. The caramel sauce really makes everything go well together," is the official statement from Kura Sushi. "It's very sweet, and we hope customers can enjoy this as a dessert sushi." Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your sushi love, this sushi will only be offered for a limited time until July 17th.

For those who can't get enough of the caramel, there's also a caramel corn sushi that's part of the same campaign. I think I'll go to Jiro's place (from Jiro Dreams of Sushi) and order myself one of these.

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