This photo from the Sichuan University college campus in China is getting attention. The photo shows students lining up in very long lines, and it's not for concerts or sports like you would expect...

On first look at this photo, American students might think these lines are for sports games or concerts, like most college students line up for, but in reality these Chinese college students have to line up just for showers.

According to the school, because of lower water pressures in the wintertime, the university has shortened the time when the shower rooms are open. The wait runs as long as two hours with the lines at about 200 meters (656 feet). Students usually can shower in the dorms, but there's no hot water, and only the campus baths have hot water.

Seeing that there are two lines, one for men and one for women, Chinese netizens joke that the wait is long enough for the students to meet and become couples.

The school said it is working on resolving the problem soon.