Yoo Ah In, the star of Like for Likes, will be sporting a brand new haircut for his upcoming drama Chicago Typewriter. The drama has released the first official character stills for the leads, surprising everyone with Yoo Ah In's unique style. As he will be playing a celebrity writer, the production wanted to give him a trendy and eye-catching look, with people already drawing comparisons to both the rapper Bewhy and a unique take on the standard military haircut.

Chicago Typewriter tells the story of writers who lived in the 1930s during the Japanese occupation of Korea. These writers are then reincarnated in the present day as a famous writer, an anti-fan and a ghostwriter. We can't wait to see how this all plays out! In addition to Yoo Ah In, the drama stars actress Im Soo Jung as the anti-fan and actor Go Kyung Pyo playing the ghostwriter. The drama will start airing in Korea on April 7. 

Check out Yoo Ah In's new haircut below!

What do you think of Yoo Ah In's new look? Love it or hate it? How excited are you for this new drama? Share your thoughts below!

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