A photo of the stunt double for Girls' Generation member Yoona was recently revealed from the set of her new Chinese drama God of War Zhao Yun, shocking netizens due the stark contrast between the two people. Not only is the body double a man, but his burly stature is the complete opposite of Yoona's thin and delicate form.

The Korean news outlet Xports News reported that Yoona has two stunt doubles for this 60-episode drama. The man pictured below is the one responsible for the more rigorous action shots. I wonder if we'll be able to tell when watching the drama!

God of War Zhao Yun will air in China starting in August. I'm sure many will tune in to try and catch a glimpse of this unique stunt double!

What do you think of using this body double for Yoona? Do you think viewers will notice? Please share your thoughts below!

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