Well, looks like somebody's a little confused! Tally (or nickname, Tao Tao) is a beautiful husky/malamute mix who, as a puppy, was brought up in a household of cats. After her owners adopted her at 2 years old, they discovered that she had adopted some very cat-like qualities.

Take a look at the adorable photos!

Here's Tally, reclining like a lazy kitty.

Here she is again, sitting with her legs folded in typical cat-manner.

Who can resist that adorable face???

She also loves boxes, just like a cat!

See, the fondness for boxes started at an early age.

According to owner xlinnea, Tally is "almost completely mute," and "likes to lie there, observing people and silently judging them all day."

Aww, Tally, where do we find our very own cat-dog like you?