Most of these K-drama stars have worked hard to perfect their acting skills and have proven to the world that they deserve accolades for their abilities. What's exceptional about these ten K-drama stars is that alongside their incredible acting skills, they have amazing hidden talents from singing to writing to nail art and beyond. They have somehow found the time to pursue many of their passions despite their very busy schedules. Here's to being inspired by all the wonderful things these ten K-drama stars are doing with their lives!

1. Lee Min Ho

Fashion Designer- Eider Collaboration 2012

As if Lee Min Ho isn't talented enough already. In 2012 he collaborated with Eider to create a collection of outdoorsy clothing that included the above sweaters among other clothing items. Despite his exceptionally busy schedule at the time, he wanted to try his hand out in the fashion industry and did an amazing job at that. It was said that his wide variety of ideas and his meticulous work ethic as well as his eye for fashion showed favorably in the final product. 

2. Won Bin 

Humanitarian Work – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2007

Won Bin has been an inspiration to many as he takes his fame and puts it to good use through his humanitarian work as a Goodwill Ambassador through UNICEF. His heartfelt plea for others to know of the poverty and difficult circumstances many face is apparent in the following quote he gave after travelling to Gambia:

“I felt a deep sense of melancholy on this trip as UNICEF goodwill ambassador, seeing the relief aid center and spending time with the children directly. … I’d like to convey what I’ve felt on this visit to other people, and do more for these children in the future.”

3. Kim Soo Hyun 


Kim Soo Hyun is known by fans to be an amazing singer. In many of his roles he has graced us with his fantastic vocals. What's even more impressive is that he has been approached over the years with multiple recording offers but has always set them aside, insisting he wants to concentrate on acting. We are very lucky that he has chosen to show off his talents as an actor, but we are also excited that he has been showing off his talents as a singer as well in some of his acting roles (Who didn't love that karaoke scene in Producer?).

4. Gu Hye Sun

Writing Books- Tango

Gu Hye Sun's semi autobiographical novel Tango is about a girl in her twenties dealing with love and separation. Not only did she write the whole thing (no ghost writing for her), but she also did all the illustrations herself. It sold 30 000 copies in its first week of production! She has also written two books since then called The Story of the Making of Magic and Peach Tree, which was also made into a film. 

5. So Ji Sub 


So Ji Sub is one of those people in life who seemed to be blessed with a ridiculous amount of talent. He is an incredible actor, he's written a book, he owns not only a coffee shop but also an entire production company. Probably the most endearing thing about him is that he loves hip hop so much that he pursued his dream of being a rap artist. He loves performing on stage as well as producing music behind the scenes. His rapping skills have been met with much love and adoration from fans all over. 

6. Jang Geun Suk

Cooking – Love Recipe cookbook.

Jang Geun Suk has never hidden his love for food and cooking, sharing his passion in many interviews he has given in the past. What you might not know is that he actually created a cookbook with 20 recipes of his own that he usually shares with family and close friends. It includes lots of photos and information about his day-to-day life, giving us a glimpse into the life of an idol. 

7. Lee Hong Ki 

Nail Art - Lee Hong Ki Nail Book

Lee Hong Ki is well known for his incredible vocal and acting talents. But who knew he is well known and admired in the world of nail art? He even has a book published called Lee Hong Ki Nail Art, which was so popular it came out with a Chinese edition in addition to the Korean and Japanese editions. He has been reported to spend up to $45,000 a year on nail art, showing that it's not just a hobby but a serious passion of his. 

8. Krystal 

Figure Skating

She's a singer for the famous K-pop group f(x). She's an amazing actress who has acted next to some of the best K-drama actors. She's proven her amazing dance skills time and time again. She speaks English and Korean flawlessly and catches on to new languages swiftly. Did you know she can also play the piano very well? Obviously she's a very talented individual, but beyond that she can ice skate! Look at those breathtaking photos of her ice skating. She's the type of person who catches on to new skills with very little difficulty. 

9. Lee Jong Suk


Lee Jong Suk has said over the years that he has a love for guitar and wants to develop his passion further, perhaps even going so far as to be able to cross over into the music scene. As a child his father always encouraged him to learn an instrument, and guitar was his instrument of choice. Although he feels that his ability is not where he would like it to be, as he always seems to get sidetracked by other projects (hello Pinocchio), he would love to take the time to really concentrate and strengthen that skill. We'd love to see that too, especially if it can somehow be worked into whatever K-drama series he is working on at the time.

10. Ha Ji Won 

Kendo Expert

Ha Ji Won seems to be one tough lady. She rides horses with exceptional skill and is known to be an expert at Kendo, the modern Japanese martial art that descended from sword fighting. She often performs her own stunts in her roles, rarely relying on a double. At one point she was so dedicated to doing her own stunts she worked out for eight hours a day swimming and weight lifting to be ready for the physical intensities the stunts would demand. She's beautiful and strong and a role model to many girls out there. 

Watch the trailer for Ha Ji Won's upcoming series The Time I Loved You:

Which hidden talents do you find most impressive? Do you have any hidden talents of your own?