A dentist from South Korea recently appeared on a popular television show, and since then she's been the talk of the town. The reason for her newfound attention is her age, and when you found out just exactly how old she is, you may find yourself talking about her, too.

Lee Sujin made on appearance on Same Bed, Different Dreams, a syndicated television show where parents and teens discuss issues they're having with a panel and try to solve them. Apparently, Lee and her daughter's problem started when the child stopped speaking to her mother around the time middle school started. To deal with the situation, Lee started uploading photos of herself on Instagram and other social media sites, where she got plenty of attention for her many selfies and video clips. It almost became an addiction, which is what the daughter has an issue with.

But what ended up being talked about more than the problem itself was the mother's age! Lee Suji, who looks like a young dentist in her twenties, is actually 48 years old, with 16 years experience in the dental field. Regardless of whether or not she's had any work done, you have to appreciate her youthful appearance, and her efforts to look and feel young. She's having fun, and not really hurting anybody, anyway. Her daughter may disagree now, but one day, she'll probably come to appreciate her mother and her youthful spirit. There's nothing wrong with feeling and looking young.

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