Characters at theme parks bring joy to millions of children and adults all over the world. They're always friendly and willing to pose for pictures as they walk around the park. They often have permanent smiles etched onto their faces on the outside, but do you know who is really inside?

Disneyland has very strict codes of conduct for their characters. No talking, and of course, no taking off any part of your costume in front of guests. I heard from a former employee at Tokyo Disneyland that Mickey Mouse is such a VIP that even other workers never get to see who's actually in the costume, and Mickey himself is not allowed to disclose to anybody what he does for a living. His identity is protected and he is sworn to secrecy.

This Chinese theme park is not an official Disneyland, but Mickey hangs out there anyway. This Mickey apparently doesn't have to abide by the same rules of conduct as the Disneyland Mickeys. His posture is a little slouched. When it gets too hot, he just takes his head off. Or maybe the head weighs too much. Two kilos is a lot of weight for anybody, let alone a... 75 year old grandmother? Yep, she works at the park to support herself and her 40 year old son she lives with, saving money for the day he hopefully finds a wife. Some photos of her at the park have surfaced, unmasked and soaked in sweat.

Many guests at the park know who she is. When Mickey shows up, kids will be seen running up to her. "There's grandma Mickey!"

I know it's a tough job for her, but I bet her sweetness comes out when interacting with excited kids, even from under the costume.