Do you ever wonder what happens to the earnings of a young performer? I thought there was a law that keeps at least a portion of the earnings in a special account for future use. However, what Chisato Okai, a member of the popular Japanese girls group °C-ute, experienced is absolutely cautionary and stunning.

Okai Chisato (岡井千聖) is only 21, but she has performed as a member of the girls idol group °C-ute since 2005.  

(She's the one on the left in this poster.)

Chisato usually appears with a bright personality and sunny smile. During an interview at a program called Music Fair, however, she revealed a personal experience that shocked and saddened the viewers. 

She said that ever since she started working as a singer at the age of 11, she always trusted her parents to manage her income. When she finally raised the subject of money with her parents recently, she was surprised to learn that her parents had spent all her money. Apparently the parents not only treated their daughter's income as their own to spend, they also wasted the money on online games. 

The result is that her savings from working 10 years is all gone! 

Chisato also said that she wished she had discovered the situation early enough to stop her parents. Nevertheless, she felt that it was useless to regret, and that as she is still young, she'd start saving again.

The original news report did not say what happened next, or whether the irresponsible parents were punished in some way.

What do you think? Are you upset and concerned about what happened to this young singer?

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