The unintended consequences of Lee Min Ho and Suzy's dating news have shown up on the streets of Seoul in the clothes that young people wear. Young South Koreans are very quick at picking up fashion ideas, and this new trend may be just a start as the two famous and popular stars have only been dating for over a month.

There has been a swirl of news about Lee Min Ho and Suzy ever since the surprising revelation of photos of their secret dates in Seoul and in London. Whenever people chat, the hot topics have been about the stars' secret dates, the hotel that they stayed in London, the car they drove in Seoul, and even the coffee that Lee Min Ho drank, according to the SBS Midnight TV Entertainment on March 25.

Furthermore, those paparazzi photos have now affected how young men and women when they go out, presumably on a secret date.

Reportedly young men are wearing, just like Lee Min Ho did, a dark sweater over a pair of jeans and running shoes. Girls also copy Suzy's style by wearing a solid-colored long-sleeved top with a calf-length white skirt trimmed with lace. The face masks are, of course, a must-have.

What do you think about this new trend? Have you ever copied your favorite star's style?

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~ NancyZdramaland