A young woman recently shared her excitement at being allowed to sit in the cockpit for an overly crowded Cathay Pacific flight, but her social media posts about the experience sparked a stronger response than she expected.

28-year-old Ada Ng was booked on a flight home to Hong Kong from Taipei, but when her Cathay Pacific flight was too crowded, the pilot invited her to sit in the jump seat in the cockpit. The young woman took some pictures and video from the cockpit to document her unusual experience, and she later posted them to her Weibo account.

After the images appeared on her account, the posts went viral, and many netizens complained that her presence in the cockpit posed a security risk and could possibly distract the pilot. Others argued that she was given special treatment because of her appearance.

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According to a Cathay Pacific representative, crew members and their family members are technically allowed to sit in the jump seat in the cockpit. Based on a photograph that Ada Ng posted of her ticket, she was, in fact, assigned to a jump seat, but the airline has not confirmed if she falls into the category of crew or family member. The airline did confirm that they allow the use of small, portable electronic devices throughout the duration of the flight, so the photographs and video most likely weren't breaking rules.

After the uproar, Ada Ng deleted the post, though the photographs are still circulating, and the airline is still investigating the incident.

What do you think of this incident? Do you think her presence was unsafe, or are people making a big deal out of nothing?