The youngest victim in the recent tragic Taiwan water park fire has received a gift he will treasure for all times. A jersey signed by NBA player LeBron James was airlifted to Taiwan to boost the 12-year-old basketball fan's spirits. Take a look at the signed jersey and learn more about how the well-wishing gesture happened.

The youngest victim, a 12-year-old boy with the surname of Li, is also one of the many victims who suffered the most. Over 90% of his body suffered burns. Only his scalp and eyes are not burnt.

To boost his spirits in his fight for recovery, a Taiwanese basketball fan reportedly wrote to Taiwan's sports channel. He suggested an idea to get well wishes from LeBron James to the 12-year-old Li because Li is known to be a fervent basketball fan who loves to play basketball and watch NBA games. Lebron James has many fans in Taiwan and is nicknamed "Little Emperor" in Taiwanese media.

As soon as the NBA heard about the request, officials immediately sent a signed LeBron James jersey via air. The jersey was signed earlier in the year when LeBron played in the All-Star Game held in New York City.

Young Li's mother said, "As soon as he heard the news, he woke up from his semiconscious state." His eyes widened at the surprise, according to his mother.

Li's father said his son has already undergone 4 surgeries, with 6 more planned. He has encouraged his son to stay strong and fight so that he can watch his beloved NBA games again.

Before the fiery tragedy, Li dreamed of visiting the USA someday to watch an NBA game live. His mother said he was glued to the TV during NBA playoffs earlier in June. His mother expressed gratitude to all who has cared about and encouraged her son. 

We also extend our best wishes and hope young Li will visit the USA to watch an NBA game soon.

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