Can you tell the difference? A Chinese woman spent one million yuan to look like actress Angelababy, star of General and I. She has posted her photos chronicling her changes from before to after plastic surgeries, and her online journal has gone viral. Take a look!.

Wu Yu Qing has a great voice but was repeatedly rejected by singing competitions. She finally decided that drastic changes were necessary in order to increase her chances.

She was willing to go under plastic surgeries that cost 1 million yuan, or more than US$145,000. It involved more than 10 procedures to alter various parts of her face and to make her face smaller. (She was able to find plastic surgery clinics to help sponsor her surgeries.)

She chose Angelababy as her model because she liked the actress.

The following photos are sequenced from first day, 13 days, and then 20 days after the procedures.

Then look at her 30 days and then 60 days after surgery:

Can you tell which one is the real Angelababy and which one is the lookalike? 

(HINT: The one on the right is the real one.)

The surgeries were performed in 2014, and since then, Wu has achieved her dream to compete on the 'Voice of China' TV program. She won honors in the regional competition and has received offers.

Wu posted her experience in 2016, and her online journal went viral in China. She said that she gained self confidence as she saw herself looking prettier every day. According to her, a woman needs to invest in herself, whether internally or externally, to get the highest reward.

Interestingly, Angelababy has had to refute rumors that she had been through plastic surgeries. The actress actually went to a renowned plastic surgeon in 2015 for a thorough exam to prove and certify that her face was natural and not altered. Her then-boyfriend (now husband), actor Huang Xiao Ming, also defended her. He emphasized that her most attractive feature is her cute personality.

You can see more of Angelababy in her new historical romance, General and I.


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