In the last few years, Japanese authorities have been cracking down on dancing. Hard to believe, but true. Many nightclubs have been shut down for not having permits that allow dancing in their establishments. So some udon loving techno enthusiasts created an event where they can dance legally. "Hey, all we're doing is making udon!"

In 1948, Japan passed the Entertainment Business Control Law. This law was enacted to control gambling and prostitution, among other things. And now this law is being used to force nightclubs to have permits if they want to allow dancing. If a club owner doesn't have a permit, and people dance after a certain time of night, or if the club doesn't have a certain amount of space, they are breaking the law. The official word is that this recent movement is because of all the illegal activity that's been going on in nightclubs, and this is a crime prevention measure. But, of course, it's all about making money for the Japanese police. Clubs that don't have permits get fined, or even worse, shut down if they don't adhere to these meaningless laws.

But some aren't just taking this lying down. A group of udon loving techno heads started an event where you can make udon and dance at the same time. Dancers step on the dough to knead it (this is the way some udon is kneaded in Japan). So essentially, these dancers aren't breaking the law because they're actually just making udon to the rhythm of the music!

Due to this event's surprising success, this will be the 4th event for Techno-Udon. For 3000 yen (30 dollars) you get one free drink and a delicious bowl of the udon you kneaded. Some hot techno DJs are scheduled to perform.

This is Footloose, Japanese style.

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