A Japanese assemblyman for the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly got busted spending political funds to finance over 200 personal trips to Tokyo, Fukuoka and a whole lot of natural hot springs, and now he's apologizing. You've never seen a politician cry this hard.

Ryutaro Nonomura, a 47-year-old lawmaker for the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly, is now the man of the hour in Japan, for all the wrong reasons. Without producing any receipts or explanations for where and why he took over 200 trips in the last year, he now has to come up with how to explain the spending of over 3 million yen (30,000 dollars) for what seem to be expenses that have nothing to do with political activities. Politicians spending taxpayer money for extravagance in their personal lives is nothing new, but how Nonomura apologized for his actions at a press conference on national television is.

He cries, no, not cries, he weeps, bawls, as he tries to explain himself and his inappropriate actions.

"I want to change Japan.. I want to change the world! And that's why it was always a dream of mine to get into politics!"

Notice the Japanese subtitles. He's so distraught, even Japanese people don't understand what he's trying to say. But he definitely seems sorry!

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