Wonder Girls' Yubin and SISTAR's Hyo Rin are two of K-pop's most well-known idols. Yubin has been a rapper for her JYP Entertainment girl group since 2007, while Hyo Rin is fairly new to the rapping style after mainly singing with her Starship Entertainment group. Nonetheless, the two girls face off in season 2 of Mnet's reality competition program Unpretty Rapstar

Their experience in rapping may vary, but the idols are veterans in style. Over the years, the singers have excelled in the fashion department for their respective music promotions. This article will mention just a few of many looks the girls have shined in on-screen.

"2 Different Tears" vs "Push Push"  (2010)

Let's get started with futuristic meets classic sex appeal. Yubin's futuristic style was made to stand out in the international music market. Her whole band wore unique wigs and brightly colored, form-fitting clothing. Hyo Rin went for a commander styled gold accented blouse and white mini-shorts in SISTAR's modern-meets-classic debut music video.

"Nobody" (2009) Vs "Shady Girl" (2010)

I actually loved both of these styles when they first came out. The Wonder Girls wore classic gold evening gowns for their debut American music video, while SISTAR wore adorable red coats any fangirl would loved to have in their wardrobe. Yubin's dress and gloves were 1960s vintage with a modern flair, and Hyo Rin's red pants were absolutely the perfect addition to the stewardess look. 

"Be My Baby" (2011) Vs "Alone" (2012)

This is a tough one. The Wonder Girls' trendy short mini dresses came in black, white, and bursts of bright color. The ensembles had to be the envy of many fans. SISTAR's tight and sexy red and black dresses with slits became an iconic K-pop look in 2012.

"The DJ Is Mine" (2012) Vs SISTAR19's "Ma Boy" (2011)

The girls put their clubbing clothes on for these videos! Yubin sported a pink old school style bikini outfit, and Hyo Rin decided to mix it up with a variety of tanks, daisy dukes, a tight black mini, and very colorful afghan dresses. 

 "Like Money" (2012) Vs Hyolyn's solo "Lonely" (2013)

Yubin's group went for an out of this world fashion statement when they all dressed like bionic women in snug black and silver body suits and shimmering mini dresses. Hyo Rin wore a little bit of everything for her solo video "Lonely". 

In your opinion, which girl's style wins? Are there any looks you would like to add to your wardrobe?  

Don't forget to watch the girls go head-to-head in Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 on Friday, October 30. 

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