ZE:A member and To the Beautiful You star, Hwang Kwanghee has added “plastic surgery spokesmodel” to his resume!

The Idol and actor, besides for his talents, is also known for his gorgeous transformation from duckling to swan after having undergone various plastic surgery procedures before his Idol debut. Kwanghee has always been very open and honest about his experiences with plastic surgery, so it makes complete sense that he would be chosen as a spokesmodel for a medical plastic surgery clinic.

Kwanghee recently shot a cute video promoting one of the clinics. informing viewers of the friendly staff, good doctors, and just the overall importance of choosing a safe clinic.

Kwanghee's own Before and After Photos

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Plastic surgery is a personal choice, and whether or not you agree with it, it does make a difference to the person opting for it. Kwanghee really benefited from going under the knife, so it's great he's now helping others make informed decisions about it for themselves!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE