Acclaimed Chinese director Zhang Yimou is slated to direct his first English-language movie, The Great Wall. Previous reports from entertainment media have mentioned Matt Damon and Byran Cranston to be in early talks. However, it appears Matt Damon is out.

The movie is going to command a big budget of US$135 million, according to its film producer Legendary East. It will be a historical action drama about two English soldiers who arrived in China in the 15th century and discovered sci-fi mysteries about the Great Wall. 

Legendary East also said The Great Wall is going to be a very large and visual picture made with the international audience in mind. One reason that director Zhang Yimou was chosen to direct the movie is that Zhang is experienced with big budget movies and events. He directed the opening and closing of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

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Casting is underway. Although Matt Damon is too busy with projects such as his return to the Jason Bourne franchise to join The Great Wall, Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Seinfeld) is still reportedly going to play a pivotal role in the film, but there has been no official confirmation yet.

The movie is set to start filming in 2016 and will premiere in the same year.

(Source via: 12)