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Many Chinese celebrities -- including Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi -- visited Yeouido on June 16th to appear at the 2013 Chinese Film Festival. Next to Zhang Ziyi was Song Hye Kyo, who costarred with her in the new movie The Grandmaster, by director Wong Kar Wai.

Song Hye Kyo’s stylest Kim Hyung Kyung talked about what Song Hye Kyo wore to the festival:

“I did it based on what Song Hye Kyo said. I was told that she should never stand out. Since this festival is celebrating Chinese movies, it wouldn’t be courteous if Chinese actors lose the spotlight. She wanted the simplest style for herself to be considerate to Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi.”

It was said that Song Hye Kyo’s theme that day was “austerity” and the only accessories she was wearing were tiny earrings. Despite this, we think she still stands out!