Z.Hera was completely at ease during her on-screen lip-lock.

In a recent interview with OSEN, the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo actress talked about how her first on-screen kiss with a top idol was surprisingly comfortable. 

“We filmed the scene a while back, and at the time it was really comfortable. I think it was because we’re pretty close in age," she admitted.

EXO L expressing their love and support of the cute K-drama couple helped encourage the 20 year-old star in her role. “I don’t know about Baekhyun, but it was my first kiss scene so I don’t think I did that well. Even though there weren’t a lot of NGs, I think I made a few mistakes. But I’m relieved to hear that we look good together.”

Although the director's lack of feedback worried her, she knew her work was satisfactory when he told the couple to continue. She is very pleased with the outcome in episode 15. "There were a lot of scenes in last night’s episode where I worked really hard. I’m so thankful that they edited them nicely.”

Her character Park Soon Duk married Prince Wang Eun (EXO's Baekhyun) because she was head over heels in love him! After weeks of waiting for the cold prince to warm up to his new wife, it's nice to see him finally return her affections with their smooch.

What did you think of the young couple's royal kiss? 

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