Fans woke up to learn that China's top actress, Zhou Xun, has been snatched up by the Chinese-American actor Archie Kao, and their story is adorable.

Kao rose to fame with Power Rangers, CSI, and Chicago PD and then became one of People Magazine's Hottest Bachelors in 2006. The secret relationship apparently started a year ago but was now revealed by Zhou Xun with a photo of her and Archie in Paris via Weibo with a message, "This is Archie, please look after him."

The popular and award-winning Zhou Xun is not only famous in China, but is also well known internationally with her work in such movies as Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, Painted Skin, and Cloud Atlas in which she played three different characters including a clone.

Zhou Xun has been linked to many actors over the years. Paparazzi have tracked the 39-year old actress to find out about her relationships, real or alleged. Last year, around the time she started Archie, she was even rumored to be dating another Hong Kong star and singer, Nicholas Tse. She is apparently serious about her relationship with Archie and is reported to have gone to a fortuneteller to mach their birth dates in an astrological reading.

Archie David Kao was born in Washington D.C. He's had a long career in Hollywood but was actually discovered by a scout after he graduated with a degree in speech communications. His friends praise him as a real gentleman and a dedicated professional towards his work. In recent years, he has expanded his work into Hong Kong and mainland China.

Although Archie was born to Chinese parents, his Mandarin is apparently not very fluent. According to Zhou Xun, she wasn't too confident in their relationship in the beginning because she spoke limited English and his Chinese wasn't good either. So they worked on improving in each other's language. In the end, as told by Archie to his friends, "My Chinese didn't improve much, but Zhou Xun's English got much better."

ZhouXun and Archie Kao

We've all heard that 'love is the universal language.' Apparently it does help when the couple in love can speak both English and Mandarin. For those who are interested, 'I love you' is 'Wo Ai Ni' in Chinese.