Some supermarket shelves in Japan are starting to resemble zoos. The mastermind behind this phenomenon is a little-known instant ramen company from Aichi Prefecture that has decided to promote their products with the help of some members of the animal kingdom.

A pig gracing the package of pork ramen, I understand. A chicken on chicken ramen, sure. And yes, a cow for the beef. All that would make sense. But where the idea came from to design a giraffe package for instant ramen marketed to girls only, I have no idea. And it's not only giraffes. There are pandas, bears, penguins, polar bears, dolphins, seals, and on and on. The different animals do, of course, represent different flavors, but the flavors have nothing to do with the animals. But still, with a campaign like this, how could you not want to try each and every flavor, if not just for the curiosity? Besides, how tasty does ramen made in collaboration with a zoo sound, anyway? Very tasty!

The one thing this ramen has in common with these animals is that, like them, the ramen is all natural. No preservatives, no additives, nothing. With recent reports of the dangers of eating too much instant ramen and the negative effects on overall health, it's nice to know (if you're an instant ramen fan) that there's some decent instant ramen out there. That's good news. 

I wanna have an animal instant ramen party!

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