The 29th Annual Golden Disk Awards were held in the MasterCard Center in Beijing, China on January 14 and 15. The prestigious awards ceremony (aka Korean Grammy Awards) has been in existence since 1986. This year, K-pop recording artists flocked to the location to sing, pick up their awards, and show off the latest styles.

We've already discussed our favorite outfits, but some of their choices in attire, however, were a miss rather a hit. Below are some of the fashion misses of the two-night event:

1. Taemin 

His outfit screams two things: a rocker and a modern chic suit. A decision should have been made on which look to wear.

2. B1A4 

Spring hasn't sprung yet. The talented boy group should have considered color coordinating before walking the red carpet.

3. Girls' Generation-TTS (Taetiseo)

The way the dresses are cut were nice, but the fabric is all wrong. Is the design a series of candy canisters or keyboards?

4. BESTie

The colors are elegant, but daisy dukes are not right for the red carpet. Plus, it may have been a little chilly since it's still January.

5. Taeyang

Howdy, idol! I think the Big Bang member dressed a little too Country Western for an awards show. 

See Song Ha Yoon and Teen Top’s Changjo in the lighthearted fantasy comedy Sweden Laundry:

6. Ailee

Is she channeling Hyun Bin's character in Hyde, Jekyll, and I, or is this a new Phantom of The Opera look? I'm not into it.

7. Sistar

White is classic. When a member forgets the bottom half of her outfit, however, it ruins the whole look.

8. HyunA

This dress is appropriate for the hottest club, but this is an upscale awards ceremony.

9. Girl's Day

The dresses scream belly dancers in crushed velvet! I have never heard of a belly dancer wearing crushed velvet. Plus, they aren't even showing their stomachs. Fellow girl group Red Velvet may be jealous of the color and texture, though.


These are great clothes to wear on a safari or journey into the rainforest. They dressed for the great outdoors, not an awards show.

What is your opinion of the worst-dressed list?

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