One of the biggest stressors for anyone trying to learn a new language is pronunciation. But as long your words can be understood, who really cares about how native they sound? As the participants in this lighthearted video demonstrate, it's all about love and communication!

It's definitely difficult learning a language other than your own, especially ones that are completely different from your native tongue. Besides the basics like grammar and vocabulary, the one part most people have trouble with is pronunciation, because in extreme cases, some languages actually don't have sounds that exist in others, like Japanese not having the "r" sound in English, for example. 

But English is the universal language, and therefore, English words are spoken all over the world. But how do they sound when spoken in the native tongue of Asian people? To find out, YouTube personality Dave, who actually lives in South Korea, produced a fun little video where he got a Chinese, a Korean and a Japanese speaker to pronounce certain English words the way they are pronounced back home. And most words, you can understand if you just pay attention, but some words . . .

But as Dave's video shows, there's a lot more to communication than pronouncing words correctly.

Click HERE to watch Part 1.