Over the years, numerous idols have decided to create music for themselves and others. The number of idols who have turned into songwriters either before or after their debut is probably infinite! In response to my first article about songwriter idols, I decided to shed some light on some more of your favorites to give credit where credit is due.

1. CNBlue's Jung Yong Hwa

The Marry Him If You Dare actor has been writing music since he debuted with CNBlue in 2010. Technically, he and his band released music in Japan in 2009 before starting their career in K-Pop, but his songwriting skills gained recognition after 2010. The band member, with an impressive solo career, even made one of my favorite CNBlue tracks "LOVE Girl"!

2. IU

The Producer actress co-wrote the lyrics for her single "Alone in the Room" from her third EP Real. Since then, IU continues her songwriting when she is inspired. She wrote every song on her latest album Chat-Shire, and she created the music for four tracks. Her close friend Sulli actually inspired her song "Peach! 

3. K. Will

The incredible singer is known in the industry as a ballad singer-songwriter. He began looking for musicians to collaborate with when he was still a trainee. In his early years, he actually helped produce Rain's music! K. Will has also served as a vocal coach for A-list stars like Lee Min Ho. The well-known music man recently lent his vocals for the OST behind the hit series Descendants of the Sun

4. B1A4's Jinyoung

The B1A4 members have all pitched in to contribute to the production of their albums. They have done a remarkable job. However, the Love Detective Sherlock K actor has been releasing songs on B1A4 albums since day one. Nearly 30 of his songs were released on his group's projects!

5. BEAST's Junhyung

The Monstar actor started contributing as a songwriter from Beast's 2009 debut mini album Beast Is the B2ST. Plus, he wrote and helped create the music for each track on his solo EP Flower. Listen to his creative skills in the unique video that blew fans away in 2013.

6. F.T. Island's Lee Hong Ki

I'm sure all of his band members deserve a standing ovation for all of the incredible hard work they do n each album.  Their sounds are haunting and unforgettable. However, let's place the spotlight on lead vocalist Lee today. In addition to winning us over in dramas like You're Beautiful and Modern Farmer, he brought sweet music to our ears by earning songwriting credits on six F.T. Island albums!  He was very involved with the creative process of his solo albums too. Listen to his lyrics in "Insensible."

7.  iKON's B.I

He and fellow iKON member Bobby wrote the lyrics for every song on their band's debut album Welcome Back. The talented rookie served as co-composer on their album, Winner and Epik High songs and singles for his Team B on Mnet's Who is Next: WIN.

8. ZIco

He has earned credit on almost twenty songs since his debut with Block B in 2011. Zico is known for producing successful K-Pop and Hip Hop music in South Korea. He is also a fashion icon! The idol was cast in the second season of Fashion King Korea.

9. JYJ's Jaejoong

The Triangle actor started earning songwriter credits in 2009 on TVXQ's Mirotic album. Since then, he has obtained over forty credits as a lyricist, composer, arranger and even programming on JYJ projects, OSTs and more.

I know there a many more extremely talented songwriters out there, and I applaud them all. From this list, who is your go-to artist? 

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