The sexiness of spring 2016 begins! DramaFever has a host of new Asian programming set to premiere this month with an amazing group of talented actors who are very easy on the eyes. The following is a list of sexy actors who will keep you tuning in week after week.

1. Lee Seo Jin (Marriage Contract premieres on March 7)

Recently, we shipped him with Choi Ji Woo because of their dynamic chemistry on Three Meals A Day, but he will play UEE's pretend hubby on Marriage Contract. Will his on-screen chemistry with an idol be just as electric?

2. Yoon Sang Hyun (Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi premieres on March 18)

The newlywed actor plays Nam Jung Gi in a drama about dealing with a volatile team leader. Fans may have cried when he went off the market, but at least he is staying in touch with his supporters by acting in great new productions.

3. 2PM's Chansung (Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi)

The JYPE idol joins his sunbae Yoon Sang Hyun in keeping the peace in their office setting. Actress Lee Yo Won will have two hot guys to choose from in their upcoming series. I hope the second lead (Chansung) finally wins the girl.

4. Jang Geun Suk (Daebak premieres on March 28)

His grand comeback has finally arrived! Viewers have been waiting to see Jang's handsome face on the small screen since Pretty Man ended in 2013. This time around, he is playing a prince living among commoners. 

5. Yeo Jin Goo (Daebak)

After Park Bo Young began crushing on him, Yeo quickly became everyone's new crush! Soon, you will be able to find out why the world has fallen for him as he takes on the role of King Yeong Jo. Will he become king of your heart? 

6. Lee Joon (Vampire Detective premieres on March 29)

The former MBLAQ member's acting career is on fire! He has acted in back-to-back dramas since 2012. This month, he transforms into the ultra sexy vampire Yoon San.

Which sexy actor are you most looking forward to seeing this month? 

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