Girls Generation's Yoona returns to K-dramas next month as An Na in the TvN action series K2. The idol beauty will transform into a presidential candidate's secret daughter who is quite the loner. This time around, the handsome Ji Chang Wook is the leading man that promises to work his way into her heart, but he joins a list of fellow sexy actors who all fell for her on-screen. Today, we will take a look at five of the hottest actors to romance Yoona on the small screen

1. Park Jae Jung (You Are My Destiny)

Since it was a daily drama, viewers were able to see Park's character Kang Ho Se wed her after their whirlwind courtship. He goes down in the history books as her first K-drama hubby.

2. Kwon Sang Woo (Cinderella Man)

After the typical K-drama fighting, Seo Yoo Jin (Yoona) slowly began to fall for her hot oppa. It's too bad this show started a year after he married his lovely wife Son Tae Young in real life. Yoona was forbidden from having any scandals with her on-screen love Oh Dae San after this show ended.

3. Jang Geun Suk (Love Rain)

He fell in love with the idol goddess twice! Jang couldn't stop thinking about her in 1970s (as Seo In Ha) and in the year 2012 (as Seo Joon). Father and son couldn't escape their K-drama fate with their first love Yoona!

4. Lee Bum Soo  (The Prime Minister and I)

Being Prime Minister Kwon Yool hindered his character from opening his heart early on in the series. The fact that he was a widower made it even more difficult for him to see that the love of his love was standing right in front of him.Nonetheless, Kwon was able to win her heart be just being the loving father and respected politician he was. 

5. Yoon Si Yoon (The Prime Minister and I)

He fell head over heels in love with the Prime Minister's pretend wife, and vowed to protect her. I know he played the second lead Kang In Ho, but his open display of affection for her was leading man worthy. 

I hope her new co-star Ji Chang Wook can compete with this impressive list! Which passionate actor would you want to be paired up with in a production? 

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