Every time I see stills of Yoo Yun Suk and Kang So Ra filming the upcoming romantic comedy Jeju Island Gatsby, I can't help but think about how pretty they both are! Add them into the stunning scenery of Jeju Island, and you are in for a K-drama filled to the brim with eye candy. In the latest stills from the Hong Sisters' newest drama, we catch a glimpse of what looks to be the main couple's enjoyable second encounter.

 Their first encounter at the airport looked rather awkward, but seeing the couple together on the beach makes me a believer in their chemistry!

Jeju Island Gatsby is about young people who leave their lives in the city behind to start fresh on Jeju Island. Yoo Yun Suk is a chef who opens a restaurant called Warm and Cozy. Kang So Ra's character leaves a career at a clothing agency behind and somehow ends up working at the restaurant. 

What do you think of this couple? Even if you aren't a fan of the actors, it looks like it will be worth it to watch just for the beautiful island scenery!

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