Who doesn't get excited over the beloved tradition of grabbing a big bowl filled with popcorn and hanging out on the couch watching your favorite romantic comedy? The success of a romantic comedy is often in large part due to the acting of the main leads. Recently enews24 put out a special report of the leading actresses in the romantic comedy genre, including Hwang Jung EumGong Hyo Jin, and Jung Yoo Mi. We've added some of our favorite actresses to the list, some at the top of their game, and others who are proving themselves in their newest acting endeavors. 

1. Park Shin HyePinocchio

Park Shin Hye has garnered a lot of attention all over the world partially due to her amazing acting capabilities and her girl-next-door vibe. She can play both innocent and goofy in one scene and turn around and be beautiful and sexy in another. She always injects strength and determination into her characters that make us love her and wish that she could be our best friend in real life. 

2. Hwang Jung Eum - Kill Me, Heal Me

This singer-turned-actress has shown us many times over what amazing comedic timing she has. She never fails to have us giggling at her antics. Even in some of her heavier roles she brings her trademark wit and goofiness to the characters and is never afraid to look silly in front of us. 

3. Kim So Yeon - Falling in Love with Soon Jung

Kim So Yeon has proven herself as an actress who can play characters with many facets. She never plays a role that is one-dimensional and always manages to portray some of the more difficult but realistic emotions in her characters. Despite this, she still makes us love her and root for her happy ending. I'm especially loving her in her current show Falling in Love with Soon Jung.

4. Yang Jin Sung - My Unfortunate Boyfriend

Yang Jin Sung brings a lot of energy and liveliness to every role she plays. Despite the fact that she is a fairly new actress compared to some of the heavyweights on this list, she proved herself immeasurably in Bride of the Century, and it is so much fun to watch her bring her fun and upbeat personality to My Unfortunate Boyfriend.

5. Gong Hyo JinThe Master's Sun

Almost all of her series lead to the most bingiest of binge-watching fests. She always seems to have such great chemistry with the lead male actors she acts with. She manages to play complicated characters in a way that makes them seem entirely relatable and loveable. She is definitely a master of her genre and one of the reigning queens. You can see her in another romantic comedy role in the upcoming DramaFever exclusive series Producer!

6. Shin Se Kyung - Sensory Couple

Shin Se Kyung has come under some heavy criticism for some of the roles she has starred in, including When a Man Loves. What impresses me most about her is her ability to still pick difficult roles and her ambition to prove herself to be an actress worthy of our affection. In Sensory Couple she is doing just that as a comedic actress and one who has us hoping upon hope that she will end up with the guy in the end. If you are wary of Shin Se Kyung, give Sensory Couple a try — she shows herself to be a fun actress to watch. 

7. Yoon Eun Hye - Marry Him If You Dare

Yoon Eun Hye is not afraid to look terrible for a role despite the fact that she is so beautiful. She always has fantastic chemistry with her fellow actors and knows how to make us swoon at every one of her kisses. She is a fabulous and well-rounded actress, and I hope we get to see her acting in another series soon. 

8. Song Ji HyoEmergency Couple

Song Ji Hyo has played a wide variety of roles, from a tough fighter to an elegant ballerina to an unhappy medical intern in Emergency Couple. She has a wonderful sense of humor and isn't afraid to show every aspect of herself in the characters she portrays. Her chemistry with fellow actors Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Pil Mo in Emergency Couple has us glued to our seats every episode. 

9. Han Ji MinHyde, Jekyll, and I

Han Ji Min seems to shine spectacularly when given a character that can show both sweet moments but also the excruciatingly sad ones. I often find myself crying along with her when she is living through difficult times in her dramas. 

10. Kang So Ra- upcoming Jeju Island Gatsby

Kang So Ra has shown off her brilliant acting skills in many dramas, including Doctor Stranger and Misaeng. She can play very charismatic characters as well as sweeter, more soft-spoken ones. She has continued to mature and develop as an actress through all her roles, and I can't wait to see what she brings to the table in her upcoming series Jeju Island Gatsby.

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Which actresses make your list?