Die-hard Whopper customers in Japan had two important missions today and only today, if they chose to accept them: 1) To descend upon their local Burger King and purchase a limited edition Burger King perfume with a free Whopper (yes, you read that right), and 2) buying 30 straight days of Whopper meals via a "Whopper Pass."

As far as marketing promotions go, this was one whopper of an idea. LOL

Flame-Grilled. Wear it, and have it: In Japan, April Fools' Day is celebrated today as it is here, so some people were expecting a hoax. This April Fools' product turned out to be real, however. Starting at 10:30 AM Japan time this morning, customers fished ¥5,000 yen ($41.00 USD) out of their pockets at their neighborhood BK restaurant and walked away smelling like the burger in their other hand. 

Some reports say that the fragrance, called "Flame-Grilled", smells like Mexican tacos or burritos rather than hamburgers. *shrug* Close enough.

Behold, the un-boxing by customer Andrew M. Corbin.

This campaign has been about a year in the making, and Japan's not the first to go this route. Burger King UK released a "Flame" perfume in 2009, one year after Burger King USA released their "Flame by BK" meat-scented body spray. 

What works for the goose will usually work for the gander.

No Whopper. No Life. Eat it, and have it: In addition, Burger King Japan sold a "Whopper Pass" today and only today that's good through April 30, for the same price as the "Flame-Grilled" Fragrance. That's 30 days of Whopper meals, usually ¥840 yen ($6.93 USD) each, for $41.00 total. I laughed — until I realized that's a whopping ¥20,000 yen ($167.00 USD) savings. I laughed no more.

The seriousness of this CF is what cracks you up. What is it the other guy has that I don't, that still attracts her so much? a man wonders helplessly, until his date gets a whiff of his flame-broiled aroma. 

Heck, that stretch limo with the spinners would have done it for me.

BK Japan's brand manager, Lana Lenaga, says that the unisex fragrance should appeal to both men and women. "We want women who like meat to wear this, and men who want to smell sexy and wild should definitely wear this." The actual production time took around 6 months, after many visits to many kitchens by the production team to nail down that meaty smell.

Well, it's after 9 PM Wednesday evening in Japan as I'm finishing this writeup, and I have a sneaking suspicion that all 1,000 bottles of "Flame-Grilled" Fragrance and the Whopper Passes have gone in a puff of smoke.

I would have bought a fragrance just for that cute, clear BK container. 

Talk about a conversation starter. :) 

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