It's no piece of cake being a certified K-drama addict. We face problems normal people can't even fathom in order to satisfy our Korean drama cravings. If you've ever experienced these 20 K-drama-induced trials and tribulations, we feel your pain! 

1. We know that they only release two episodes a week in Korea, but for some reason we can't help but hope they had a change of heart and decided to release an extra couple of surprise episodes that week. (From My Love From Another Star)

2. Everything seems to be going great, and then BAM, the writer decides to add something stupid and unnecessary like amnesia, or doesn't give you a kiss scene for five episodes straight. (From My Love From Another Star)

3. Ever since watching K-dramas, real-life men just seem mediocre at best. Our expectations for romance and attractiveness are ruined for life. 

4. It's so hard to focus on things like brushing your teeth or folding laundry when the last episode of your favorite K-drama ended on a ridiculous cliffhanger! (From Pretty Man)

5. Despite how hard you try to contain it, sometimes phrases like "Andwae!" and "OMO!" loudly escape your mouth and make your household seriously question what is going on with you these days. (From Blood)

6. Pesky friends and family are always trying to pry you away from your K-dramas, but parties are looking less and less appealing. (From Mask)  

7. Some K-dramas are just too good to ever get over and we spend a lot of time wishing for a second season or re-watching our favorite episodes over and over until a new K-drama comes along and steals our hearts. (From Cheongdamdong Alice)

8. There just aren't enough hours in the day for K-drama addicts to live normal productive lives and watch all their favorite shows! (From The Prime Minister and I).

9. When your favorite K-drama comes on, everyone else better step back and respect! You need to hear Oppa's sexy voice loud and clear! (From Sensory Couple).

10. Every K-drama addict is guilty of eating a ridiculous amount of ramen while watching their shows, but you know you've reached a whole new level when you've eaten uncooked ramen! (From Boys Over Flowers).

11. You've made it through the first 16 episodes within two days and you're not about to give up when there are only 4 measly hours left! You can do it! (From Pretty Man)

12. Eventually K-drama addiction takes a toll on our looks, and we can't escape the tell-tale signs of eye bags and messy hair. (From I Hear Your Voice

13. Sorry, real-life lover! Sometimes you can't help but compare their kisses with the romance you see on K-drama TV. 

14. What did you just say about my oppa? Don't even go there! (From Personal Taste)

15. If you don't approve of my K-drama enthusiasm, then just take your friendship somewhere else! (From Big)

16. Oh it's your nephew's birthday party this weekend and you want me to come? That sounds, um, wonderful...(From Big)

17. Why do people have to be so demanding of our time? Whether it's your parents, you significant other, or your boss, hiding from them so you can finish your K-drama might occasionally happen. (From Sensory Couple)

18. You think normal kids get embarrassed by their parents? You don't even know true embarrassment until your K-drama-addicted mom or friend gets way too excited explaining the plot of their favorite K-drama to complete strangers! (From Sensory Couple

19. We've all felt the wrath of a K-drama hangover that completely ruins the productiveness of the next day, but you know you'd do it all over again, and probably will the next night! (From Oh My Ghostess

20. Oops, I accidentally hit the rewind button. Guess I'll have to watch that K-drama shower scene all over! Oops, I did it again... (From Oh My Ghostess

Which of these problems induced by a life of K-drama addiction do you have? Which ones have I missed? Comment below!  

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